Optimized logistics with intelligent video analytics

Unique technology from SiB Solutions lets you monitor a shipment in multiple stages, from goods receiving to delivery. Video sequences and events are analyzed immediately. Increased control leads to correct actions, reduced shrinkage and fast answers in customer service.


Reduce shrinkage with intelligent control

Intelligent video analytics gives your company greater control in a number of areas. Not least, the technology helps you combat the growing shrinkage of high-value goods such as electronics, fashions, cosmetics and medicines.


Optimize warehouse management and get better results

Unique technology from SiB Solutions monitors storage, picking, packing and loading. All sequences in the chain are gathered just seconds away. Use the video material for training purposes and implement the right actions.


Smart surveillance provides quick answers if operations stop

Unique video technology from SiB Solutions provides faster answers when operations stop unexpectedly. See what’s happened immediately and avoid long production downtime.


Fast answers and actions are good for your brand

Logistics problems quickly make their way into social media. Intelligent video analytics keeps them from occurring. In addition, you can provide quick and clear answers via customer service and take the right actions directly.


Reduced costs despite increased e-commerce

Volumes and transactions within e-commerce are on the rise. Intelligent video analytics gives you more efficient administration and faster solutions. The risk of fraud attempts decreases.


Average shrinkage


E-commerce returns/claims


Annual loss SEK


Change with SiB Solutions



Unique platform provides answers throughout the supply chain

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Step 1

Intelligent video technology registers each step in the supply chain.

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Step 2

Video sequences and events are linked and make the video material searchable.

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Step 3

You see in a few seconds what’s happened to a delivery along the way. You solve each case faster and correctly.

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Step 4

Logistics are streamlined, you can give quick and clear answers to your customers.

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We set up new cameras or use existing ones.

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Data is retrieved from running systems.

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Video material is saved continuously. Any event, such as scanning, is registered.

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Qualified users can easily search the material with an ID number and get quick notification of what’s happened to each shipment.

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Full transparency

See exactly what’s gone wrong at the warehouse in connection with picking, packing and loading.

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Identify problems

Reduce administration. Identify problems, take correct actions.

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Reduce shrinkage

The risk of shrinkage decreases significantly with smart surveillance technology.

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Optimize processes

Logistics problems affect your brand. Intelligent video technology lets you provide quick and clear answers, and constantly refine your process.


“Digitalization’s biggest gains are predicted to land far from the glamor: out on the factory floor of traditional industry”

– Andreas Cervenka of Dagens Industri in conversation with ABB Digital Director Guido Jouret

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Technology for tomorrow was born from 80 years of experience

SiB Solutions was founded in 2017 by Lennart Bergström, Stefan Borg and Staffan Persson – three former colleagues with 80 years of combined experience developing, selling and delivering complex system solutions for logistics.

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Stefan Borg

– Strategy, Partners & Economy

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Staffan Persson

– Sales & Marketing

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Lennart Bergström

– Technical Solution & Delivery

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