SiB Solutions ställer ut på Logistik & Transport 2019

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I år kommer vi att avslöja lite mer om vår kommande plattform för Intelligent Videoanalys där vi med hjälp av Artificiell Intelligens kommer ge våra kunder ett mycket kraftfullt verktyg att proaktivt optimera sin logistik. Vi kommer självklart också att visa hur vi redan nu kan bidra med befintliga lösningar. Vill gärna lära oss mer om just dina utmaningar så kom förbi vår monter A01:28 så pratar vi om hur vi kan bidra både idag och imorgon.

What’s the cost of losing control within your Supply Chain?

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When a pallet or a product is lost or damaged, when a delivery is incomplete, what do you do? How many resources and hours do you spend finding the answer and the resolution? How much does it cost? If you find the answer and move to a resolution, how often do you simply just send a new delivery, not knowing if it was your wrongdoing, or anything else outside your control creating the problem? Wouldn’t you like to know?

Let me give you some examples that will be accounted for below…

  1. You send everything you produce and/or sell through a 3rd party logistic center. All is entered and registered at the logistic centre and you get a report on the delivery, and merchandise is missing.
  1. A customer calls and complain about not receiving the right amount of ordered products. The parcel, according to the customer, was lacking a number of pieces.
  1. A customer send you a picture of a damaged delivery. It’s a picture of a damaged pallet standing on the customers receiving area.
  1. You receive an error report from a robot in the production area but don’t have a clue what’s the cause. The error report just states that the robot for some reason stops operating.

etc. etc.

All these examples are taken from real situations occurring at our customers sites. Identifying problems like these by using resources performing detective work within several different systems, combined with walking around the warehouse or production site monitoring processes manually, are very costly and time consuming.

SiB Solutions can help you. We track – with video analytics – what, how and when the problem occurred by our intelligent video analytics. We will help you monitor the processes and give you visible facts that uncover any doubts of where in the delivery chain or production process you need to take action. We will help you reveal if the items were packed, sent or handled in a way that caused any problem.

  1. By entering the ID of the shipment/order/item you will directly get a recording showing the actual pallet/cage entering being picked and entering the truck. You easily identify if you sent it or not, and if you did the cost will not be on your account.
  1. By entering the order ID you get instant access to the packing station handling the order and
    1. see that it lacks a product. You can rectify the fault and give a fast and professional answer to your customer, or
    2. you find out everything was sent, and the responsibility and cost is transferred away from you (lost at distributor or fraud attempt?)
  1. By retrieving the shipment-ID you instantly get access to the loading process and can identify the pallet in question and have proof it was transferred to the distributor or not, and in what state.
  1. You enter the timestamp into the system that is monitoring the process. You instantly access the point of disruption and have the possibility to visually monitor the incident and identify if something in the production chain caused the problem.

SiB Solutions do not only help being reactive but will also, with our development within AI, create possibilities to take proactive measures and prevent the problem from arising in the first place. It gives you the advantage of taking action before it happens – eliminating all costs and resource needs for recovering from these issues. Imagine the ROI calculations and savings on that…

Contact me and I will be happy to learn more about your business and  how we can help

Urban Kindström

+46 709 67 24 70

Career Opportunity – Software Engineer

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Do you have a lot of ideas on software development and the experience to back them up? Do you love being all over the place, from debugging an implementation detail to high level architecture discussions and testing? Can you move between embedded systems to cloud microservices and everywhere in between?

Do you like putting your nose into everything in the company? Do you like Python? Linux? Tensorflow? Or do you know something better?

Do you like to keep up to date on what’s happening in the development world and try out new methods and technologies?


Then SiB Solutions is the place for you!
We’re a small startup at Ideon in Lund, building computer vision and AI products for todays increasingly complicated logistics and warehouse operations. We take the latest research and apply it to real world logistics problems, aiming to reduce waste and increase customer satisfaction.


We are designing our solutions and forming our company right now, and you can be a part of the journey. If you want to make an impact, here is your chance. Our success is in our hands.  Do you have what it takes?

Send me your application: as soon as possible, but preferably before the 15th of september.

SiB Solutions växer vidare

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SiB Solutions växer och har flyttat in i nya lokaler på Ideon i Lund. Här finns det plats till fler och just nu söker vi medarbetare inom både produktutveckling och kundleverans. Vi arbetar med den senaste teknologin för intelligent videoanalys och erbjuder våra kunder helt nya möjligheter att optimera sin logistik. Tycker du det låter spännande så skicka gärna in en intresseanmälan och ditt CV till

sib solutions står i sin mässmonter på Logistik och transport 2017

Stort TACK till alla som besökte oss på Logistik & Transport 2017

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Stort TACK till alla besökare i vår monter på Logistik & Transport 2017 i Göteborg. Det var en fantastisk upplevelse att få träffa så många trevliga och intresserade besökare som gjorde mässan till inget mindre än en succé!

Vi är väldigt nöjda och såklart glada för att vår lösning för ”Intelligent videoövervakning i logistik” väckte stort intresse och fick mycket uppmärksamhet hos kunder, partners och kolleger.​

Är du också intresserad av hur intelligent videoteknik kan sänka kostnaderna i din logistikkedja? Tveka inte att höra dig till oss.

Ett tack också till våra partners SeeTec, Axis och Datafångst som bidrog till att vår första mässa blev en stor framgång.

Arkitekter jobbar på ritningar

Lyckat pilotprojekt

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Vår pilotinstallationen har nu varit i produktion i några månader, och projektet har fallit ut mycket väl med väldigt goda resultat.

Vi ser mycket fram emot nästa steg och återkommer med mer information om hur det utvecklar sig.