Plan and SiB Solutions in collaboration

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News | Does the Swedish logistics community have goals, time and inspiration for improvement work?

The competence network Plan wants to find out and is teaming up with SiB Solutions to carry out a survey among the network’s members and other voices in the Swedish logistics community. The results will be presented later this autumn.

The survey runs until October 17 and is anonymous. Welcome to contribute too! There are 5 short questions and you participate anonymously ⏩

– I have worked with logistics for a long time as a consultant, logistics manager and within the UN. Never have trade fairs, conferences, study visits and other networking meetings been so rare. And at the same time, the logistical challenges right now are both many and complex. As a Plan member, I am very curious about how others are doing right now to stay updated with new ideas and innovations. Says Staffan Persson, logistics expert and CMO at SiB Solutions.

Plan has an amazing network of Supply Chain professionals all over Sweden and the collective knowledge is immense. Combined we have endless of years of experience, challenges met, lessons learnt, good decisions… and bad decisions taken. With this digital dialogue collaboration we are trying to find new ways to collect all this and to share it back into the community. Johanna Linder, Plan.

We at SiB Solutions love to explore both technologies and supply chain trends, preferably in collaboration with others. Carrying out a digital dialogue with the Swedish logistics community together with Plan is something we of course wanted to be a part of. It is an exciting initiative that will run all autumn. Now we hope for many answers to the survey! Catarina Malmsten, Brand Manager SiB Solutions

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1337 Logistics signs deal with SiB Solutions

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Together we are collaborating on a new concept including artificial intelligence and intelligent video analysis. The concept brings super-power into warehouse logistics processes.

Robert Johansson, CIO at 1337 Logistics and Roger Hallberg, VP at 1337 Logistics:
-Always doing the right thing is of course the most cost-effective way there is. Since reality rarely occurs without making mistakes, it is important to work with modern technology to eliminate the moments where mistakes can easily occur.

-Together with SiB Solutions, 1337 Logistics is working on a concept that will significantly increase quality. The concept gives the operator immediate feedback if he makes a mistake. This creates support and security for the operator as well as an even better experience for the customer. AI, which is a partner in the solution, will get better and better the more it is used.

Staffan Persson, CMO, SiB Solutions:
-To proactively stop errors is a must for all companies wanting flawless logistics. We are eager to explore this new possibility together with 1337 “elite” Logistics.

-Cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence and intelligent video analysis become a springboard to new beneficial opportunities. The potential is enormous in terms of cutting costs and creating value.

About 1337 Logistics
1337 Logistics is a newly started business with a newly built warehouse that went live at the end of 2019. Their great passion is logistics with a focus on profitability and quality.

With a hyper modern warehouse, 1337 Logistics is a seven-party logistics company, which means that their customers only need to handle one agreement regarding logistics.

1337 Logistics takes pride in ensuring that their customers are confident in the company’s transparency, clarity, delivery quality and that customers already in advance can see clearly what the cost will be for having their logistics handled by 1337 Logistics. Learn more about the company here >>

SiB Solutions at Ideon Breakfast

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We are happy to share that on September 21, SiB Solutions is invited as a guest company to the Ideon Breakfast event at Ideon Science Park in Lund, Sweden.

Join the Ideon Breakfast events to get some insight into what the companies in the park are up to.

Ideon Breakfast is hosted by Ideon Science Park. Find out more here >>

SiB Solutions will be part of IBM virtual event Cloud without Compromise

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SiB Solutions’ CTO Sverrir Valgeirsson speaks at IBM virtual event Cloud without Compromise.

Join leaders, business partners and your peers at the Cloud without Compromise virtual event. Hear directly from customers on how the most regulated businesses have de-risked their journey to cloud to achieve innovations anywhere.

Register here:

Thank you, IBM, for inviting us to talk about how we as a logistics technology company use cutting edge technology to enable flawless logistics.

Logtech-bolag fyller kassan inför global expansion

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Pressmeddelande | Logtech-bolaget SiB Solutions har tagit in 50 miljoner i en nyemission. Kapitalet ska gå till bolagets globala expansion och först siktar man på USA, Central- och Sydeuropa samt Sydostasien. Bolagets ambition är att ta en global position inom AI-teknologi som möjliggör felfri logistik.

Inom logistikbranschen försvinner gods till ett värde av tio miljarder euro varje månad. Samtidigt är kostnaderna för att rätta till problemen dubbelt så stora. Det är något som SiB Solutions ska ändra på med hjälp av AI och intelligent videoanalys – en ny lösning inom logistikbranschen.

Nu har bolaget tagit in 50 miljoner kronor i en nyemission. Affärsmannen Anders Pettersson, tidigare delägare i Sharkmob som såldes till Tencent, återinvesterar i bolaget och ny större investerare är svenska Nidoco AB, ett dotterbolag i finska Virala Oy Ab-koncernen, som representeras av Patrick Castrén. Nidoco investerar tio miljoner kronor. Kapitalet ska gå till bolagets globala expansion.

– Idag finns det ingen annan som valt att nischa motsvarande teknologi mot logistikbranschen vilket gör att vi ser stora möjligheter att bli en ledande aktör och då måste man satsa globalt direkt. Det finns inte tid att först satsa på Sverige för att sedan ta sig an Norden, sen Europa och till sist världen. Det är globalt direkt som gäller, säger Stefan Borg, vd och medgrundare av SiB Solutions.

I den globala expansionen ska SiB Solutions etablera sig med egen personal i USA, Central- och Sydeuropa samt Sydostasien. I USA ska företaget börja med att sikta in sig på Georgia, Illinois och Kalifornien. SiB Solutions samarbetar med Business Sweden i både USA, Europa och Sydostasien.

– Investeringskommittén med personer från hela världen tyckte det var enkelt att förstå SiB Solutions affärspotential och vi kommer nu hjälpa bolaget att kartlägga marknader och hitta kunder och partners, säger Anders Bohman, Head of LEAP Accelerator på Business Sweden.

Förutom kapitalet som ska gå till SiB Solutions etablering ute i världen så ska en del av nyemissionen även gå till produktutveckling och till att stärka huvudkontoret i Lund.

– Även om det varit besvärliga tider under pandemin så har bolaget utvecklats positivt och fått in många nya kunder samtidigt som befintliga kunder valt att fördjupa samarbetet med oss, avslutar Stefan Borg.

Kontakta VD Stefan Borg för mer information >>

The sustainable e-commerce of the future

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SiB Solutions is proud participant in the Swedish CLOSER and Relog project ”Framtidens hållbara e-handel” that kicked off this week.

A wide group of stakeholders will through research and innovation work together for a resource-efficient, competitive e-commerce without negative effects on climate and health. The initiative is funded by Vinnova, Sweden’s innovation agency.

I really like the width of this project from packaging systems, to city planning and new technology like big data and AI, and so on… We will all learn from it and be able to change the way we do things today” says Staffan Persson, CMO at SiB Solutions.

Staffan Persson, CMO at SiB Solutions

SiB Solutions world map

International wholesaler with a highly automated warehouse runs with intelligent video analysis from SiB Solutions

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➡Kick-off with intelligent video analysis: fall 2021

➡Move to new automated warehouse: 2023-24

➡The result: They can now test different services, explore, and benefit from their new logistics quality tool. All in a familiar environment without other disruptive process changes.

Christina Hall, Senior Account Manager, SiB Solutions:
– This company has a strong reputation and focus on creating value for their customers. The SLA requirements are very high and flawless logistics is one central part of this.

– Intelligent video analysis can revolutionize your quality efforts. It is super-smart to learn about the full potential firsthand in the current warehouse.

– To move a warehouse is hard work. Risks are high. The customer has given themselves a head start by subscribing to our services already before the move.

Welcome to SiB Solutions customer community! We look forward to exploring flawless logistics together with you!

SiB Solutions will be part of seminar ”Framtidens lager inom handel”

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During the event, researchers, logistics professionals and representatives from the logtech and tech arenas will meet with attendees in a forward-gazing conversation about smart warehousing for retail. We are very much looking forward to being part of the panel and this interesting initiative.

The seminar is arranged by Centrum för handelsforsking, part of Lund University, Sweden. It is online and takes place October 12. Click here for more information including registration form >>

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Nowaste Logistics continues their cooperation with SiB Solutions for improved control and traceability of reusable pallets

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This time it is the warehouse for Everfresh in Helsingborg, Sweden, that will start to use intelligent video analysis in the outbound logistics process.

Dragisa Jovanovic, Project Leader at Nowaste Logistics
– Using reusable crates and pallets is a significant commitment to efficiency and sustainability.

– We must, however, be in total control over the pallets we handle. This to control costs. Not one pallet should slip through.

– With WMS and RFID we can detect deviations. We add intelligent video service to instantly get a clear view on why a deviation happened, how to solve it and what to improve for it not to happen again.

Staffan Persson, CMO at SiB Solutions:
– When Nowaste Logistics faced the challenge with flawless control of reusable pallets, I was thrilled to be invited into the dialogue. Together we explored the possibilities, and quickly saw that our service will solve this need in a smart and very efficient way.

Thank you Nowaste Logistics for once again trusting us into your warehouse operations!