Do you have a lot of ideas on software development and the experience to back them up? Do you love being all over the place, from debugging an implementation detail to high level architecture discussions and testing? Can you move between embedded systems to cloud microservices and everywhere in between?

Do you like putting your nose into everything in the company? Do you like Python? Linux? Tensorflow? Or do you know something better?

Do you like to keep up to date on what’s happening in the development world and try out new methods and technologies?


Then SiB Solutions is the place for you!
We’re a small startup at Ideon in Lund, building computer vision and AI products for todays increasingly complicated logistics and warehouse operations. We take the latest research and apply it to real world logistics problems, aiming to reduce waste and increase customer satisfaction.


We are designing our solutions and forming our company right now, and you can be a part of the journey. If you want to make an impact, here is your chance. Our success is in our hands.  Do you have what it takes?

Send me your application: as soon as possible, but preferably before the 15th of september.